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How to Clean a Keurig with Vinegar – Chances are, he’s been a while since the last time he cleaned up his coffee. If you are making coffee every day, you must be performing a thorough cleaning – or a descaling – every three to six months to remove deposits build-ups such as lime or bacteria.

How to Clean a Keurig with Vinegar
How to Clean a Keurig with Vinegar

Descaling your coffee maker should only take a few minutes and can improve the performance of your coffee maker as well as the flavor of the coffee it makes.

For starters, you’ll need a large coffee mug, a little-distilled vinegar, and filtered water. Before descaling, however, you should wash your hand or clean all removable parts, so you will also need a damp cloth.

More than months of use, Cal, bacteria and other undesirable things can start piling up inside your coffee maker, especially if you are using a single-cup machine as a Keurig. And it’s easy to forget since there is no way to visually discern if the majority of coffee manufacturers are due for a descaling.

No less, get rid of that dirt is simple

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